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Indulge in the luxury of an Altimo Texture treatment or an exclusive salon service, expertly delivered by our innovative team. Stay on the forefront of style with the latest trends and techniques for a flawless look.


Experience the sophistication of our Hair Removal Rituals, where skilled professionals employ the latest techniques for a sleek, smooth finish. Experience meticulous care and precision for a flawless outcome.


Experience the artistry of our Special Occasions service, where skilled professionals enhance your natural beauty to create a stunning look tailored to your unique style, ensuring you radiate confidence on your special day.


Experience the artistry of Men’s Detailing at Altimo, where skilled stylists expertly craft contemporary looks tailored to enhance your unique style. Elevate your grooming experience with precision and sophistication.

Altimo has been around for over 30 years. We work on our clients being #1 and give them our undivided attention to help them with their needs. It’s absolutely our job to give love and passion, to listen, consult, and deliver beautiful looks. Our stylists love what we do as a profession. We care greatly about our guests. It’s all about the time we spend with our amazing guests and the beautiful looks we get to achieve on the whole family. Come in for a complimentary consultation. Meet our team. We want to meet you.